Secure your home with a water stop and fire alarm

The consequences of water leaks and the development of smoke can be large and expensive - either you are not at home, you do not discover it in time, or you cannot stop the spread. In collaboration with Storebrand, Abra offers water leak stoppers from Waterguard that alert the mobile phone, and fire alarms that alert you and the alarm centre, at a fixed low monthly price. 

Abra offers offers a range of value-added features such as safety, security, and comfort enhancements.

Get to know Abra's universe and discover how you 

can take control of your home and contribute to a sustainable future

Automatic water protection

Better indoor climate

Control the light

Energy control and consumption

Full control in the app

Wireless home security

Smoke alarm on the mobile phone

Abralife App

Say goodbye to multplie apps - one is more than many


A futureproof hub - connect all your essential home devices

Abra Home Assistant

Smart control for your home or cabin

Wireless security for your home and those you love

Abra can secure your home and notify you of water leaks and smoke. If something untoward happens, the home goes on full alert. You will be notified on your mobile, so you can sleep well at night - wherever you are.

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Monitoring of your electricity consumption – regardless of which
electricity supplier you have

Do you want a complete overview of how much electricity you use? In the long run, Abra will be able to reduce your electricity consumption based on your habits, and shift as much of your consumption as possible to the time of day when electricity is cheapest. To full cheers from the home finance minister. And the environment.

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Less to think about -
more to enjoy

There is a good chance that you already have gadgets that can
talk to each other in your home. With Abra you can gather them in
one place and make them your faithful servants. A bit like
Frodo's ring in The Lord of the Rings, but in app form and with
a power that wishes you well.

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Is getting a 

water leak that bad?

1. Water damage occurs every 9 minutes
2. It can take 1-4 weeks to dry up water damage
3. In the worst case, you have to move out for a longer period
    while the renovation takes place
4. Water damage costs society NOK 3.4 billion .and releases
    up to 15 tonnes of CO2 a year